Gate 60 in Human Design

Sort of spiritual

Gate 60

Gate 60 is all about accepting limitations.⁠

This gate wants everything to stay exactly the same, until it doesn’t.⁠

This gate is full of pressure from the Root Center to change, transform, mutate and transcend what has been. It will hold on to the past and what has been until the pressure it right and BOOM! All of a sudden there is energy to transform.⁠

Some might think they want no part of accepting limitations, but I like to think of it more as a creative challenge. When you are limited in what you have, you have to get creative and be resourceful.⁠

The ingenuity that lives in this gate comes from accepting what it currently has to work with, using its current resources and being inventive.⁠

You might feel restless because you so badly want to move forward or make a change but it feels like it’s just not happening yet.⁠

That’s when you really need patience, the pressure that this gate needs to work hasn’t yet built – so trying to force forward movement without the momentum is pointless.⁠

The melancholy of wanting to move forward but feeling stuck where you are can create the feeling of depression.⁠

Your magic comes out to play when you learn ACCEPTANCE.⁠

Accept the process.⁠
Accept the waiting.⁠
Accept learning patience.⁠
Accept your current limitations.⁠
Accept what is.⁠

While simultaneously allowing yourself to dream, plan and prepare for the next steps when the time is right, the energy is there and you can transform/transcend/mutate/evolve/explode into a whole new way of being.⁠

Gate 60: Themes

I’Ching Name: Limitation

Zodiac: Capricorn/Aquarius

Circuit: Individual [this energy is meant to first empower you, so you can then empower others]

Channel: 3-60 Channel of Mutation

Gate 60 Themes

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