Gate 59 in Human Design

Sort of spiritual

Gate 59
Gate 59: Sexuality

The spiciest gate in HD 😉⁠

If you consider raising children, providing housing, paying bills etc spicy 🌶⁠

I look at this energy in 2 ways – literally and metaphorically. ⁠

Let’s breakdown the literal one first. ⁠

The gate of sexuality is definitely about s.3.x, but it’s not just the act, it’s the result.⁠

Meaning birthing children, raising children, feeding, educating & housing them, providing the resources they need to thrive. This is deep intimacy, not a casual fling.⁠

In the I’ching, this is called dispersion: the action or process of distributing things or people over a wide area.⁠

Metaphorically, it’s the energy of creation. ⁠

Birthing businesses, art projects, charities etc. Creating what is needed to sustain and “raise” them so they thrive and spreading them around.⁠

Gate 59 is fertile energy that allows life – human or energetic, to grow.⁠

This is the archetype of the provider and protector. ⁠

This gate doesn’t necessarily mean you will be a s3xual person or have lots of kids – but it definitely could express that way!⁠

A big challenge with this energy is that it equates providing resources with love. This could look like your partner being upset that you never spend time with them because you’re always working – and you feeling so perplexed when they don’t feel loved because the reason you work so much is to provide for them! ⁠

Archetypically, this energy is the masculine provider (27 is the feminine nurturer), which can create challenges in relationships where people adhere to traditional gender roles. ⁠

Judgement is also a big challenge with this gate in our society – there is so much shame and judgement around sexuality, many learn to shut this energy down or only let it express in specific “appropriate” ways 🥺.⁠

Remember, you have powerful creation energy in this gate. Trust your strategy & authority to guide what and when you create. ⁠

Gate 59 Themes:

I’Ching Name: Dispersion

Zodiac: Virgo

Circuit: Tribal [this energy is meant to support others with]

Channel: 6-59 Sexuality

Gate 59 Themes

🌶 Do you have the gate 59? Do you see this energy in yourself? Let me know if the comments! 🌶⁠

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